Seconds to fill from zero to 5 gallons


Gallon size for gasoline and diesel

Introducing a first place innovation from Midwest Can.The Speed-Flo Can delivers incredible performance, plus safety and regulatory compliance.

A completely new container design with ergonomic features and wider neck opening delivers faster pouring and easier filling, making it deal for commercial, farm, marine or other large volume uses.


Speed-Flo Can


Weight 3.5 lbs
Cube 0.97 ft3
Length 11.625 in
Width 9.125 in
Height 16.5 in

Flameshield Safety System

Speed-Flo Spout

Featuring a wider neck opening to deliver faster pouring and easier filling, the Midwest Can Speed-Flo Can is designed to pour faster than any regulated can on the market, flowing up to 5 gallons a minute.

Note: Not intended for use with automobiles. Spout is too large for unleaded fuel tanks.

Flameshield Safety System

Internal Flame Mitigation Device

Comprised of 2 elements, the Internal Flame Mitigation Device + a special Vapor Locking Quick-Flow Spout, the Flameshield Safety System works by creating a gas-to-oxygen mixture that is too rich to ignite in the presence of a spark or flame, reducing the chances of personal injury when improperly used.

Quickly getting you ahead. safely leaving no one behind.

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